Custom Builds

Custom Builds:

The off-road business is very similar to off-roading itself.  It can be bumpy, smooth and take you down paths that weren’t always intended to be traveled upon,  yet it’s these unknown paths that often end up being the most most enjoyable and satisfying during your journey into the dusty road ahead.  For Raptor Performance Group, our uncharted path has taken us into the world beyond just building production parts for the Ford F-150 and SVT Raptor.  Over the past few months we have taken what we’ve learned in the mass production market and incorporated aspects of it into the world of building some very wild Ford Raptors.  We have pumped out some of the tightest and best fitting roll cages the market has seen, all the way to developing a Raptor industry first Dual shock Fox 3.0″ by-pass setup designed to work with existing OEM parts.  Some have asked us why go down this road?  Our answer is simple, you can never move forward if you remain standing still…

 2010 5.4L SuperCab



The Parts List:

  • RPG Dual Fox 3.0″ Bypass Front Suspension

  • RPG 1.5″ Upper Control Arms

  • RPG Steering TieRods

  • RPG Lower Control Arm

  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines

  • UMP Air Cleaner

  • RPG Raceline Front Bumper

  • Vision X Lighting

  • RPG Power Steering Reservoir

  • RPG Custom Interior Roll Cage

  • RPG Custom Rear Cage

  • Fox Racing Shox 3.5″ 5 Tube External Bypass Shocks

  • Fox Racing Shox 2.5″ Air Bumps

  • National Spring 2″ over stock ride height leaf springs

  • Glassworks Fiberglass bedsides and front fenders

  • Magnaflow exhaust

  • Craftsman floor jack

  • Lowrance GPS

  • Method Standard 301 wheels

  • BFGoodrich 37″ Project Tires

  • RPG Rear Bumper

  • Corbeau Baja XP racing seets/Crow Belts


Erik’s 2010 6.2L

The best way to describe Erik’s truck is SLEEPER.  One day eating lunch at a local restaurant, Erik noticed one of our Raptors sitting in the parking lot.  He managed to find me, ask a few questions and we parted ways.  The next thing I know, my phone rang with Erik on the other line asking me when can we tear into his new truck.  As it turned out, he was so taken back by a fully done up Raptor that he ended up going out and buying one the next day.  The plan for his truck was simple, keep it clean, make it fast and keep it daily driveable.  And that as they say “is all she wrote”…