Pics from our day in the Barstow

Pics from our day in the Barstow

So today RPG was fortunate enough to be able to head out to the desert and have some fun. Today’s mission was video and pictures, and we absolutely accomplished what we set out to do. I first want to give a big thanks to my buddy Josh, Kirk (RaptorAddict) Rob (GsxrRaptor) and all his buddies, Bstoner (if there is such thing as a desert rat, he is it). And Rowdy.

 Bstoner, my partner Corey and Rowdy all came in from what sounded like an amazing trip with a great group of guys from Laughlin to home in SoCal. We all met up at SlashX café and had sun filled day of sliding, bouncing, getting airborn and of course the occasional pucker factor with maybe a few rounds of ammo shot off to end the day. Everyone made it home safe with no issues and no broken parts.
Kirks new Stage 3 rear kit performed flawlessly and you could visibly see the improvement from last time out over whoops, washes and the usual terrain. He also added the RPG Steering Tie Rods and finally had a chance to test everything out where it matters most, the Mojave Desert.

I think its safe to say we pushed our trucks harder today than in the past as a group. Everybody was eager to get on the loud pedal and give her everything she’s got, we couldn’t have asked for a better group to test with. I personally lost the Go-Pro once, hit so hard another time it flip upside down and probably wore another 3000 miles off my tires in one day. But hey, we do it all in the name of testing☺ It just so happens that our office is the desert and our lunch room was the famous Del Taco in Barstow “Yum”.
I hope you guys enjoy some of the picture from today and get a good sense how hard we test our parts in the real world environment.

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