’21-24 Ford Raptor RST18 Coil-Over Rack


RPG Off-Road ’21-24 Ford Raptor RST18 Coil-Over Rack

  • Proudly made in-house in the USA
  • Mounts 3.0 x 16″ Coil-Overs (Not Included)
  • Massive Wheel Travel and Performance Gains
  • Bolt-On and Weld-On Installation
  • Option to Add Recovery Rack


Welcome to the ’21-24 Ford Raptor/ Raptor R RST18 Bypass Rack!

We knew there was a lot of potential left on the table with the new 5 link rear suspension system on the ’21-24 model year F150 Raptors, so we decided to try out a 3.0 x 16″ coilover using our RST18 bypass rack off the Gen 2 Raptor to gain more wheel travel and give customers a better performing 5 link system option. The results did not disappoint, as we cycled 19″ of wheel travel before panhard bar limitation came into play. Adding our Stage 2 Frame Support kit to the mix, the rear suspension transformed from capable to exceptional.

Through our extensive torture testing, we’ve found this setup extremely reliable, smooth, and effective at conquering the roughest terrain, the largest whoops, and the biggest jumps that the Raptor can handle without cutting the rear frame of the truck. The increased droop travel provided by a bed cage system makes terrain that would have been spine shattering in even a Stage 4 Raptor, cushion soft.
Huge gains in shock travel lead to increased speed and control and we think that leads to increased fun in the desert playgrounds. Built using laser cut sheet metal, CNC bent, seamless tubing, precision welding for optimum fit and strength, and powdercoated black for protection against the elements. The RST18 combines ultimate utility and self-support with desert dominating suspension travel and control in one clean, well-engineered package.
This kit includes the rear shock tower; Two brackets to be bolted onto the frame, two weld on 4130 chromoly brackets for the lower shock mounts, and all necessary Grade 8 hardware.

Ready to take your Raptor to a new realm of performance? Look no further than the RPG Off-Road ’21-24 Ford Raptor / Raptor R RST18 Coil-Over Rack.

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