RPG to transform the legendary Chris Ross Raptor

RPG to transform the legendary Chris Ross Raptor

For those who aren’t aware RPG has been fortunate enough to be entrusted with the task of totally transforming Chris Ross’s legendary Ford Raptor. About 3 weeks ago I got the first of many calls from the man himself. Personally, I never had the opportunity of speaking with Chris prior to this project, and after a hundred or so phone calls later, I am still amazed at his passion and desire to have one of the sickest Raptors created.

Going into this build, Chris has given us relative freedom to do what ever we want as long as it keeps with his strict demand of retaining daily drivability, and a turnkey truck that will be tuned to perfection with NO rattles (a pet peeve of Chris).

This truck needs to be turned out in record time, so it will go fast and require the help of multiple sources for completion. Chris has been hammering the phone lining up supplier after supplier to donate to the build. Vendors and private members of the forum are stepping up in their area of expertise and the final credit for this project will go to many, not just one.

Moving forward we hope everyone will follow along with what will surely be an evolutionary build that is almost guaranteed to change the Raptor platform forever. The term out of the box thinking regarding this truck might be an understatement when it’s all said and done. The one thing I can guarantee is we will learn a tremendous amount from this project, and we hope what we learn from Chris’s custom build will end up into a production version available to everybody.

Enjoy the ride.

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