Dirtcember 2 Remember


It’s that time of year again folks and RPG wants to celebrate with our 2nd annual Dirtcember 2 Remember! Every week between now and Christmas 2012 we will offer a smokin hot product deal to put under your tree (or more appropriately on your truck)!

Week 5 – December 23-31 2012:

RPG’s Brand New Line-Up of Front and Rear Bumpers on Sale:

The search is finally over for a set of bumpers that are designed from the ground up to look as both front and rear were designed to keep the balance of the truck.  Over hangs were kept to a minimal, each weld is as meticulous as the next, and both front and rear approach angles have been dramatically increased to let you tackle the toughest terrain without face planting your skid plate on every nose heavy rut, whoop or steep incline.

Additional Information

  • Two Piece Design On Pre-Runner Line

  • Grade 8 Hardware

  • Increased Approach Angles

  • Satin Black Powder Coat

  • Over 6 Hardmounting Locations

All Bumpers Are 15% Off Retail For the Whole Week!!!

Front Race-Line Product Page
Rear Bumper Product Page
Please call or <a href=”mailto:sales@rpgoffroad.com”>email</a>
to order your week 5 specials