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In this section of our site we’ll cover all the basics for how to get your RPG gear installed correctly.  These videos are intended to serve as a guide to demonstrate the installation process.  We recommend that you have your RPG components installed by an licensed and certified AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL.  However, if you wish to do the installation on your own, we’re here to help.  Please do keep in mind if you choose do go the DIY route, we take no responsibility for the end results or anything that may happen as a result.  On to the learning!

Box Link Kit Accessory

Ford Raptor Stock Bump

Gen 1 Raptor Stock Fox Shrader Valve Kit

Ford Raptor Traction Bar Kit

Installing a Damper Interface Device on a 2019 Ford Raptor with Fox Live Valve Shocks

Gen2 Spring Perch Collar Install

GPS Mount Install

Dovetail Modification

Rear Raceline Bumper and Trailer Hitch Install

Air Control Valve

21+ Bronco Spring Perch Collar Installation

Race Line Front Bumper Frame Mod

The DIY Mid Perch Mod!!!

Steering Tie Rod Install

Stage 3 Rear Suspension: Part 1

Stage 3 Rear Suspension: Part 2