Big J and his challenge to Raptor Performance Group

Big J and his challenge to Raptor Performance Group

Saturday was a great day.  BigJ from San Jose came down to RaptorAddicts shop in the Valley to install his new RPG Stage 3 rear suspension kit.  Jason, or BigJ as he is most commonly know is one of those rare breeds with a heart of gold and a passion for life.  When someone on FordRaptorForum wants to do a run through the desert, BigJ is the man they look to in order to guide the way.  He embodies everything a Raptor owner should be. He loves the dirt, has a love for his truck and an attitude that is no b.s.

We couldn’t be happier to have a person like him running RPG products.  We know he will put them through the test and give an honest review for those who are on the fence.  One of the main concerns Jason had was the underlying question that many Raptor owners ask themselves is why do I need a frame support?  I don’t beat on my truck.  I don’t jump the thing or do high speed desert pre-running so why should I spend the money for something I don’t really need?  The best advice we can give you is read BigJ’s post on

Big J approached us with the idea to do a write up for everyone to see.  He wanted to get the real story to the Raptor and F-150 community about the frame bending issue.  He proposed that he drives down and have us do a thorough inspection of his truck to deterime whether or not his frame was indeed bent.  He made a bet with us that if it wasn’t bent he would still do the write up and claim the frame bending issue was over hyped.  However, if his frame was bent, he would install the RPG Stage 3 kit rigth on the spot.  This may not sound like much, but Big J is one of those people who spends thousands of miles in the dirt and has by no means been abusive to his truck.  He doesn’t run 100mph across the desert.  He doesn’t try to one up the truck next to him.  He simply drives the truck as it was originally intended

For the whole story click: RPG’s “Stage 2 Kit”: Rear frame support and Fox Air Bumps

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