Prep work…

Prep work…

Some of our customers ask us do you guys ever sleep? Typically the answer is “very little”.  We always seem to be on the go and trying to make this company better in everyway possible.  For me, I spend most of my time striving to make sure all of you are taken care of the way I expect to be.  In the past, nothing bothered me more than calling up a shop and inquiring about a product only to be greeted with a person on the other line that seemed to be upset that I had the nerve to call and ask questions. Imagine that?  A customer with a question, how dare I!  I honestly believe many people in the aftermarket industry forget what it’s like to be on the other other side of the counter, and a good portion of them know very little about what they are talking about anyway. I believe it’s good to take a step back and remember why we do the things we love.  I always told myself, if I ever end up on the side of the counter that answers the phone, I will make sure that client’s understand that Raptor Performance Group is much more than a job, it’s a passion for what we are doing everyday.

Now for my partner, his daily tasks are slightly different then mine. They usually consist of making sure supply chains stay on track, keeping the books straight, and when not installing a new RPG component on someones Raptor, it’s typically being glued to the computer for hour upon hour designing 3D cad files of future RPG products that ultimatly end up on your truck and getting the snot kicked out of them in the dirt!  One common theme for us at RPG is passion.  We eat, sleep and live off-road.  Some people play golf on the weekends, others may spend the evenings watching American Idle.  For us, it’s spending a warm Southern California evening prepping a half million dollar race car for the upcoming race.

Many of you will notice the attention to detail of the components we build.  Most of you will appreciate the extra effort that went into the design, but for us, that’s just the way it’s suppose to be.  When you have been surrounded by race cars built by the very best for 3/4 of your life, you really don’t know how to design anything to a lessor standard.

Here are a few pics of the Corey prepping the Sproules Racing Truggy for next weeks race:

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