14-inch RPG Ford Raptor Rear Big Brake Kit


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Complete your big brake kit upgrade by adding this rear kit to our 6P front kit for the ultimate in braking performance. Includes T4 calipers, sport rotors, caliper brackets, and pads for the 2012 and up Ford Raptor.
• T4 (Off-Road, Rally and Dirt Track, Competition) 4-piston caliper
• This package includes the Rear Sport Rotors that are vented, drilled, and slotted.
Based on our T4 road going calipers, these hard-coat anodized versions are available in three different widths to work on a variety of different rotor thicknesses and diameters. Available brackets allow these calipers to replace popular CNC Calipers and others used in off-road racing and Dirt, Late Model applications.

T4 Features:

• All calipers are CNC (computer numerically controlled) machined billet aluminum for the stiffest possible design.
• Internal crossover design and single bleeder, (a Baer exclusive!) mean less chance of damage due to debris.
• Dust and weather seals increase intervals between rebuilds and overall longevity of the caliper.
• No top bridge bolts pads cannot come out when calipers are worn due to mud packing in the wheels; a common occurrence in Short Course Racing!
• Calipers, CNC drilled and tapped, ready for bolt on wear plates; a Baer exclusive! means you may never have to replace the calipers from wear due to mud packing!
• Proprietary specification, stainless steel pistons offer maximum resistance to undesirable pedal fade due to brake fluid boiling.
• Staggered piston bores to decrease and even eliminate end-to-end pad taper!
• Large radius opening at the top of the caliper virtually eliminates caliper flex – results in better modulation (control) due to more consistent pedal feedback to the driver!
• D749 Pad backing plate (the same used on 1998 to 2002 Camaro/Firebird/Trans Am) is available from most manufacturers, in most compounds. Even available in most auto parts stores! Means you will never be left stranded or unable to play or race because you couldn’t find pads! It also means that you will no longer be locked in to an undesirable pad compound simply because replacement pads are only available from the caliper manufacturer!
• CNC machined and manufactured in house specifically for the rotor thickness they are intended to be used on.
• Radial mounting for the most flexibility in mounting design with optional ear mount brackets that let you directly replace popular CNC caliper designs without additional fabrication!

Additional Information
Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 10 in

14-inch RPG Rear Brake System, New Brake Pads

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