’21-24 Ford Raptor / Raptor R Billet Upper Link Kit

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RPG Off-Road ’21-23 Ford Raptor Billet Upper Link Kit

  • Proudly Machined In-House in the USA
  • FK Rod Ends Stainless Steel 1″ Uniballs
  • Stainless Steel Misalignments
  • Chassis Side Wobble Stoppers
  • Anodized Black, Fox Orange, Fox Blue, King Blue, Red, Clear or Gold
  • Direct Replacements
  • No Alignment Necessary, Bolt On and Go Play
  • Integrated Ride Height Sensor
  • The kit will include a replacement Grade 8 bolt for the driver-side front mount, the stock bolt needs to be cut in order to avoid having to remove the gas tank.


Welcome to the RPG Off-Road ’21-24 Ford Raptor / Raptor R Billet Upper Link Kit!

These 6061 billet aluminum, USA-made upper links for the ’21-24 Ford Raptor and Raptor R are designed to take the factory 5 link system to the next level by upgrading the material of the link itself as well as upgrading what is used at the pivot points to allow for a wider articulation range that won’t be limited by the binding of a bushing. Using stainless steel 1.0″ spherical bearings and custom machined stainless steel misalignments, the new and improved pivots of the upper links will be able to cycle freely with an upgraded shock and spring or coilover package that allows for more wheel travel.

Since the upper link on the Gen 3 Raptor and Raptor R is used for mounting of the ride height position sensor, we will include a new post for the factory ride height position sensor rod to attach to.

Available in a Black, Fox Orange, Fox Blue, Red or Clear anodize finish.

Experience the RPG difference with the all new ’21-24 Ford Raptor / Raptor R Billet Upper Link Kit. Upgrade to the 5 Link Kit for a complete swap of the factory upper links, lower links, and panhard bar.

Additional Information
Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 8 in
Color Option

Black, Fox Orange, Fox Blue, King Blue, Red, Clear

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1 review for ’21-24 Ford Raptor / Raptor R Billet Upper Link Kit

  1. Matthew Murray

    The links are awesome. The added strength is what I was going for, but everyone likes how they look, too. Killer upgrade for the Gen3.

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