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  • • SuperCab
  • • SuperCrew
  • • Subtract $500 for no top step or reuse factory step
  • Limited availability.  Lead time 8-12 weeks. Call to order.

*Includes skids and all necessary mounting hardware
When we set out to manufacture the perfect set of sliders / side steps for the Ford Raptor, we looked for a design that would protect the truck from all hazards, match the macho aesthetics of the SVT Raptor, and be built to the bombproof standards and quality that we’ve built our reputation on.  After thorough testing, we’re positive we’ve perfected the formula.
Unrivaled Protection
The RPG Offroad Step and Slider Kit is designed with protection in mind first and foremost.  For hazards from the desert that threaten the underside of the truck, we’ve built the design with extra heavy duty skid plates made out of aircraft grade aluminum, held in place securely with included Grade 8 mounting hardware.  For hazards from the desert and every day life, the kit includes replacement side steps that are made from thick steel tubing that’ll hold up to grocery carts and door dings, as well as unexpected kisses with a berm or boulder.  The side steps feature a flat horizontal plate with venting to provide a true step for your truck, instead of just slippery rounded tubing like some competitor products.  The side step design is a true slider design that mounts to both the cab and frame at more points than the factory sidesteps. This guarantees no vibrations, maximum protection from anything your Raptor comes in contact with, and a true step for easier entry and exit into your truck.
For added functionality, the side steps extend further back on the cab of the truck so you can more easily access the front of your truck bed.
Superior Design, RPG Style
Tired of the out of place look of the bulky factory side step? Tired of them fading? Tired of them cracking? Want to stand out from the crowd?
RPG trimmed the fat from the factory sidesteps and introduce a functional slider side step that sits tighter to the body of truck than the factory wing sidesteps.  The steps are wide enough to comfortably stand on and protect against rocks and debris thrown up against the side of the truck by your tires.  They also look a lot sleeker, and in our humble opinion, look cleaner and more rugged than the factory steps.  Combine that with styling elements that match the rugged nature of the steps and the SVT Raptor, and the steps manage to make the truck look even more muscular than it already does.  All steps are coated in durable black powder coat for both style and protection, and won’t fade to the off grey the factory sidesteps are notorious for.  For maximum aesthetic pleasure, combine these with a made-to-order set of RPG front and rear bumpers to tie the whole truck together.
If you don’t want the steps, or want to reuse your factory side steps, the sliders can be customized to accommodate your needs.  Orders that don’t use our top step save $500.
RPG Quality, Bombproof Standards
Don’t like how the factory sidesteps flexes just enough to remind you that you’re packing a few extra pounds? Want a product built to exceed your needs and expectations in terms of quality, durability, and strength?
We’re in the same boat. We stand behind our product and we offer a set of guarantees that’ll put you at ease that we are bringing you the absolute best product. No flexing, guaranteed. No vibrations, guaranteed. Won’t crack, guaranteed. 100% Made in the U.S.A.
Order your sliders today!  *Please allow 4 weeks for production

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