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*Harnesses not included
The factory Raptor front seat is a fantastic seat. Quality leather, options for heated and cooled seats, comfortable for long highway road trips, short jaunts to the grocery store, and everything in between.  The standard three point seat belts are also excellent for these kinds of drives.
However, the desert demands more out of a seat belt.  Whoop sections, jumps, and other brutal terrain place stresses and demands on the factory seat belts that they were not engineered for. RPG Offroad has built its reputation on providing increased performance and control over your desert toy, and now it expands to keeping you comfortable and safe while dominating the desert.
The RPG Offroad Harness Bar kit, made for both the SuperCab and SuperCrew Raptors and F-150’s, allow for a four-point harness to be installed for the front seats of the truck.  Four-point harnesses have better hold and grip on the driver and co-driver.  Other than no more seat belt burns while racing in the desert, this helps hold the driver in a position where he can more comfortably control the vehicle and allows the co-driver to remain in place so he can more comfortably and effectively use the radio, follow the GPS route, and assist the driver.  We chose four-point harnesses instead of a five-point harness because installation of five-point harness would require cutting and modification of the factory seat.
The harness bar kits are made with seamless tubing, MIG and TIG welded, and powder coated black to provide a sleek, low profile appearance.  The kits are entirely bolt in, so can be removed when not needed.  Four mounting holes per side are required for the front half of the harness bar kit install, the rear re-uses factory seat mounting points.
The sport we love and pursue comes with many hazards that we must accept and face every time we drive off the pavement.  In case you encounter such a hazard, the harness bar adds an additional level of safety that may make the difference in allowing you to race another day. RPG Offroad wants the sport to be exciting, fun, and safe, and the harness bar is our commitment to safety in racing off-road.
Tech Specs:

  • Grade 8 Mounting Hardware
  • Powder coated Black
  • Four Mounting Holes required for Front Half of the Hoop
  • Harnesses Sold Separately
  • Made in the USA
  • Lead time is 8-12 weeks for manufacturing and shipping. Call for details.
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