’10-14 Ford Raptor RST16 Shock Tower

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Got travel? The RST16 and Frame Support kit pulls 16+ inches of travel while retaining shocks under the bed.

• RST16 with Frame Support: $1295
• RST16 with Frame Support and Fox 2.5 Bumps: $2,284.90
• RST16 Full Kit: $9,409.80

Full Kit Includes:
• RST16 with Frame Support (with Fox 2.5 Bumps)
• FOX 3.5×14″ Bypass (5Tube) Piggy Back Reservoir
• Leaf Springs (SD or HD)
• +2″ Billet Shackles
• Stainless BraidedExtended Brake Lines


Welcome to the RPG Off-Road ’10-14 Ford Raptor RST16 Shock Tower!

Our RPG Off-Road ’10-14 Ford Raptor RST16 Shock Tower is the ultimate solution for keeping your shocks under the bed while still achieving more wheel travel with a bigger shock. The RST16 will utilize a Fox or King 3.5×14″ 5 Tube Bypass Shock, and paired with Deaver springs the kit will pull 16+” of wheel travel. The shock tower will be one solid unit with our Frame Support kit, providing the most effective and reliable bottom-out control along with much needed support to the frame.

Whether you’re looking to charge through the desert at higher speeds, or want to gain more articulation for a better overlanding experience, the RST16 is a great solution while maintaining all of your bed space. The 3.5×14″ 5 tube bypasses offer plenty of adjustment to dial in the tuning, while staying cool for the long haul. The 2.5″ bumps offer the ability to run softer valving and less nitrogen pressure, meaning you have full control of how you want them set up. Having more piston surface and much more fluid than a 2.0″ bump stop, the 2.5’s are a no brainer for any Raptor setup.

Pair with our  Traction Bar Kit for added stability and the elimination of axle-wrap during suspension cycle and acceleration.

To order, please call (866) 691-7750 or email!

Additional Information
Kit Option

RST16 Mount with Stage 1 Frame Support, RST16 Mount with Stage 2 Frame Support (Inc. 2.5 Bumps), RST16 Full Kit

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1 review for ’10-14 Ford Raptor RST16 Shock Tower

  1. Vince

    I’ve had my rst16 on for about 6 months now and love it it’s eats whatever I can put at it. Install was easy, I’d say hardest part was removing my bed due to Corision. Only problem I suffer with I’m my tires actually rub on the tubes of the shock whenever I’m getting on it and the truck begins to slide causing the tire to roll over and rub the shock. I added 1/4 spacers and still have this problem even running the recommended wheels/ tire combo from RPG. As of now this hasn’t affected anything besides a few black marks on the shock hah thinking 12.50 tire might be to wide for this set up

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